Heal Your Life® Certification Courses

 Created by Louise Hay, authorized and licensed by Hay House, Inc

Thousands of people globally, from many different careers and backgrounds have attended the training: Therapists, counselors, yoga teachers, reiki practitioners, hypnotherapists, social workers, psychologists, corporate trainers, HR professionals


You Can Heal Your Life® Certification Courses offer you the following:

 Teacher/Practitioner/Facilitator  Course – (compulsory).

This certification equips students to teach and facilitate the Heal your Life workshops, study groups and serve as a practitioner on a 1:1 client basis. Louise Hay had created these courses based on her books, The You Can Heal Your Life book,  Heal Your Life Workbook and You Can Heal Your Body.

Designed to teach and support clients in dissolving emotional barriers, reclaiming self-worth, healing the past and developing a relationship with themselves; healthier mind and body by working closely with the physical body symptoms defining their probable emotional cause; and enhancing relationships with those around them.

The Practitioner Course course is divided into 3 parts:

  • The weekend workshop – Experience the tools and processes first-hand, become aware and certain if this course meets your reason for applying to become a Practitioner. You will receive a certificate of attendance – complete assignment on personal reflection and areas of growth. Attendance of this course must be done within six months prior to the Practitioner course to ensure you remain connected with the content.
  • Practitioner Course – an elaborate 5-day course where we cover processes and techniques such as awareness and role of self in healing, emotional wounding and creating peace with the past, understanding the family models we live by, childhood experiences that shape our behaviors, how to assess emotional barriers with your client, how to guide your client to dissolve and rebuild. It is a self-healing journey of understanding, forgiveness, self-connecting, etc. ( manual and resources provided)
  • Complete skills development assignment to get familiar with the manual and processes.


Heal Your Life Youth Empowerment Facilitator (optional) 

This course is a TOP-UP course, pre-requisite is completion of the full Practitioner Course  – this 3day course offers you practical skills in the facilitation of workshops and study courses for the YOUTH, it is a very creative experience that offers students the experience and tools on how to work with the younger mind, teaching them how to manage their self discovery journey, build healthy esteem and teach them tools to cope in their teenage worlds of acceptance, self-worth, moods, etc. Teenagers require energetic leaders, this course is ideal for our Heal Your Life Practitioners that have a passion to work in groups and private sessions.

  • Complete skills development assignment with your class – host a Teen Empowerment Workshop or six week course as a community project.


 Heal Your Life Coach® Certification – (optional)

 Now that your client has visited old wounds, found understanding and forgiveness and started loving and accepting themselves on a new level, they start to feel ready to dream again, to make life happen and this is when they need a coach, someone that knows their story, been through the healing journey with them and is now able to work with them is a more constructive way, goals and actions are required.

The Heal Your Life Coach course is divided into 3 parts:

  • Introduction to Coaching – here students learn the technical side of what coaching is, roles of a coach, we study personality types and archetypes and how to coach the different types, how to do assessments, determine value systems, belief systems, how needs override wants, and much more.
  •  Heal Your Life Coach Course – now that we have a template to work from, how do we start coaching, we learn skills and processes and have much practical sessions experienced in class. We comb through all areas of a clients life and discover your strong areas as a coach and develop those. Manual and skills book provided.
  • Complete skills development assignment – with our extensive tool box we now take a study buddy through a coaching experience of 6-10 sessions.
  • You are mentored throughout the course by the course leader.



License and  ethical guidelines are signed by all Heal Your Life® Practitioners.


The licensing program ensures that a students are trained thoroughly in Louise’s work and  offers a connection and affiliation to Hay House, Inc. with legal use of the trademark name and artwork. There is constant support from Heart Inspired Presentations, LLC (Patricia Crane and Rick Nichols) and Ashika Singh in South Africa and other teacher-teachers worldwide. www.healyourlifetraining.com

The licensing system became active in South Africa from July 2010, any graduates that have completed the Heal Your Life® Teacher/Practitioner  Course prior to July 2010 in South Africa, and are not licensed, it is because we have no record of your details. You can join our global Heal Your Life® community and become licensed, please submit your signed certificate to info@healyourlife.co.za


   Ashika Singh, Principle Trainer for South Africa (July 2010)

Trained by Dr Patricia Crane, Approved by Louise Hay, Licensed by Hayhouse

The Live the Love Academy is founded on the principle of supporting  purpose driven individuals to live their love (passions).

We aspire to the highest values for our students; therefore our classes remain comfortable in size to offer personal attention. Your vision is important to us and as we offer you this platform to join a worldwide team of change ambassadors under the Louise Hay philosophy, we believe you are unique and have your own signature contribution to our world and this is what we encourage you to achieve.

Ensuring you become the best version of yourself and living your best, most fulfilled life.

Your Course Leader Ashika Singh

 Connect with us and discover HOW you can become part of our worldwide team of change ambassadors!



Adults Workshops/Life Coaching
Unlock. Unblock. Unleash. A weekend experience that creates phenomenal shifts! Life Coaching that supports you in creating the best version of your self.
Teen Empowerment
An interactive experience for teenagers filled with fun supporting them in learning about themselves and life, and loving themselves!
Certification Courses
Heal Your Life® Certification Courses South Africa. Join our worldwide team of CHANGE Ambassadors. Created by Louise Hay, Licensed by Hayhouse.